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I am a design technologist1 living in sunny Murrieta, California. I have been designing, developing, and thinking hard about digital products for over 15 years. I spend much of my time building web products with a focus on accessibility and user experience design.

Over the years, I have pursued my interest in both digital design and software engineering, and have found each liberally compliments the other: Software engineering through Domain-Driven Design (and other best practices) very often informs the UXD through its hyper-clarification of business needs; digital design employing User-Centered Design routinely reminds us we’re building things for people which does, in turn, influence software design…

I am motived by the principles above, and believe that:

  • Good design is useful;
  • Attractive things work better2;
  • You should always bet on the Web.

Like many, I thrive with autonomy, mastery, and purpose3.