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Case Study Project X

Content Relationship Manager with outreach and call-scheduling for teams distributed throughout the United States.


My employer was interested in contacting a dynamic, fast-growing list of contacts throughout the United States, either through in-person visits, phone, or email using an small army of volunteers, also distributed throughout the country. Such an endeavor called for (close to) real-time coordination, tracking, and communication to identify who head been contacted and their status. A classic case for a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solution; I helped my employer determine the most cost-effective approach, and we set out designing a bespoke web application.



I spent time interviewing stakeholders and volunteers to understand the problem-space, and over the course of a few weeks, put together a document that captured my recommendations for UI design, user workflows, and other functional and non-functional requirements.

User Journeys & Workflows

Alongside more standard wireframes, I included flow control to accurately capture user workflows as they were intended. Such an approach becomes particularly useful when handing off to an engineering team, and provides a reference for stakeholders and project managers throughout the project. Additional infographics were used to crystalise various aspects of the product:

Style Guidelines

Style guidelines

I provided semantics for messaging and notifications throughout the application. These are useful when handing off to a visual designer.


The wireframes and documentation I delivered provided a comprehensive foundation for the development of a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solution, and clarified to me the value of clear, precise, functional documentation. I was particularly happy with the format used to outline workflows and the business logic required. While this project definitely took a strong waterfall approach, these techniques and deliverables transfer to other methodologies well, are something I have continued to practice to this day.